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5 HTP --- Other Benefits / Weight Loss:


What else can 5-HTP Do for me?

This page is entitled other benefits – weight loss, as it is one of the most requested sections when searching for 5-HTP results. Other benefits are also mentioned further down this page.
5-HTP Weight Loss

5-HTP for Weight Loss?

Make sure you read this page to understand how 5HTP works. When your Serotonin levels are low, your body tries to increase them from certain foods. But Serotonin does not occur naturally in large quantities in a normal diet. So food is desired, most of the food is high in carbohydrates and fats.
By keeping your Serotonin levels high/normal, 5-HTP works as an appetite suppressant, as your body does not crave certain foods to replenish its Serotonin.

Tests have been carried out to verify these results on lab rats. Rats who had 5-HTP in their diet cut down on food intake by up to 70%

You have to remember that 5HTP helps weight loss, as it stops the cravings for carbohydrates. It works as an appetite suppressant. It will not help lose weight if you do not cut down eating. Many people overeat for different reasons. If you are someone who overindulges on foods such as bread, pasta, cakes, chocolate, 5-HTP might be worth trying for you. Low levels of Serotonin could be one of the reasons for natural obesity, and 5-HTP, could be a way to overcome it.

5-HTP Benefits

Other benefits of 5-HTP ?

This site has covered the most common benefits to 5-HTP;
    5 HTP Anxiety.
    5 HTP Depression.
    5 HTP Insomnia.
    5 HTP Weight Loss.

But it is also reported that 5-HTP can help with the following:

Memory and Mood, Mental clarity, Concentration, Alertness & Focus, premature ejaculation, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia.
Although clinical trials have not been carried out to test all of these claimed benefits, it is known that higher levels of Serotonin can have an effect on these conditions and as this is the way that 5-HTP works, many natural alternative doctors promote the use of 5HTP as a treatment to the conditions. Until trails are carried out, there is no proof that it works, but going on what is known of Serotonin, and other tests performed, show that 5HTP increases the levels in the brain, and could help.

It has been proven that 5-HTP can be just as effective as Prozac, for depression – but unfortunately, many people will set themselves into an unbelieving state of mind about non prescription alternate medicines, so even though the effects are the same, they will not feel the benefits, as they need the reassurance from a higher authority that the prescription tablets/capsules will help. If you do decide to take 5HTP to improve any of the other benefits on the above list, remember not to dismiss the results before you even start your course. Give them time, and try to feel some results, a negative mindset can stop anything from working.



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