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This site has been designed to offer you all the information you need on 5-Hydroxytryptophan or 5HTP / 5-HTP for short. -- You cannot buy 5-HTP capsules from this site, but you can find out everything you need to know about them, and possibly help you decide if you should take them. -
5-HTP Benefits

Benefits 5HTP:

Many people have heard 5-HTP, and for varying reasons, but most commonly in the capsule form as an antidepressant, appetite suppressant, or for sleep aid. If you want to know about a specific usage for 5HTP tablets/casuals, click on one of these titles now.


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Quick information :

5-HTP is sold in health food shops, and is also available from online pharmacies. You do not require a prescription to take 5HTP, and certain research shows that 5-HTP works just as well as elective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) antidepressants (Prozac for example). Please make sure that you read/seek advice about 5-HTP before taking it, and if you suffer from any medical conditions – consult your doctor before use.

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We have now included a forum for you to talk and ask questions about 5-HTP. It is new, so there are currently not many members, be one of the first to join. Read about Lees experience with 5-HTP, it help you decide if its right for you.



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